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Northern Ireland and England

Le 10 septembre 2018, 11:35 dans Humeurs 0

  N. Ireland and England in school top 10 Image copyright Alamy Image caption Almost 320,000 pupils took the tests, with girls ahead in almost every country

  are in the top 10 of the world's best primary school readers in global rankings.

  The progress in International Reading Literacy Study - known as pIRLS - shows Northern Ireland in joint sixth place, with England in joint eighth.

  Both Northern Ireland and England have reached their highest point scores in reading tests taken in 50 countries.

  Russia takes the top place - the first time it has headed an international education league table.

  Geoff Barton, leader of the ASCL head teachers' union, praised the work of schools in England and Northern Ireland and said the results reflected "the huge focus that schools have placed on the teaching of reading over the course of many years".

  International competition

  The tests taken by almost 320,000 10-year-olds around the world, show Northern Ireland's pupils as among the highest achievers, ranked joint sixth with poland.

  The result puts them only marginally behind long-standing high achievers such as Finland.

  Image caption pupils in Northern Ireland have almost caught up with Finland in international tests

  With the Northern Ireland assembly still suspended, there is no current education minister, but Northern Ireland's education department pointed to the success of a "Count, Read: Succeed" strategy introduced in 2011 with targets to improve literacy and numeracy.

  There are no Sats tests for 11-year-olds in Northern Ireland, but pupils in the last year of primary can take transfer tests for grammar schools. It's also a system in which many places are allocated on the basis of religious faith.

  The National Foundation for Educational Research, which administered the tests in Northern Ireland, says families and local communities seemed to put a "high value on academic success".

  Senior research manager Juliet Sizmur said the international comparison suggested that reading was particularly valued in Northern Ireland.

  England was ranked joint eighth, alongside Norway and Taiwan, and England's school standards minister Nick Gibb hailed the positive impact of the phonics system of learning to read.

  "Our rise through the global rankings is even more commendable because it has been driven by an increase in the number of low-performing pupils reading well," said Mr Gibb.

  This is a much higher ranking than in the international pisa tests for secondary school pupils, run by the OECD, in which England is not in the top 20 for reading or maths.

  Scotland and Wales did not take part in these latest pIRLS tests.

  The Republic of Ireland is second only to Russia among European countries.

  Top 10 for primary reading

  1. Russia

  2. Singapore

  3. Hong Kong

  4. Republic of Ireland

  5. Finland

  6. poland

  = Northern Ireland

  8. Norway

  = Taiwan

  = England

  Comparisons with the last rankings from five years ago depend on which measures are used, says the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), which runs the pIRLS tests with Boston College in the US.

  The Netherlands-based IEA says that this year England is 10th, but because "there is no statistical significant difference" with two countries above, they are effectively joint eighth.

  Five years ago, the IEA says England was ranked 11th, but as there was no statistical significant difference with US, Denmark, Croatia, Chinese Taipei, and Ireland this "could be interpreted as a joint sixth ranking".

  Girls ahead of boys

  The IEA's executive director, Dirk Hastedt, says that Russia's success reflects a series of education reforms and a "lot of emphasis on academic excellence" and much more rigour over standards.

  Dr Hastedt says such tests reveal international trends in education.

  Girls are ahead of boys in almost every country taking the tests, says Dr Hastedt.

  He says there are increasing numbers of children in pre-school education - and this seems to be linked to higher performance.

  Image copyright Getty Images Image caption pupils in Russia were the highest achieving in this global test

  There are also signs that parents are more likely to get involved in helping their children's learning.

  The national comparisons are based on representative samples of pupils, designed by researchers to reflect different regions and types of school.

  In England, there were about 5,000 pupils taking the tests last year, drawn from 170 schools. In Russia, the sample was based on about 4,600 pupils in 206 schools.

  Most of the pupils taking the tests were aged about 10 - but there were differences depending on the sample.

  In Russia and Finland, the average of those taking the tests was 10.8 years, a year older than the average age of those taking the test in Italy and France.

  Michael Martin, executive director of the TIMSS and pIRLS International Study Center at Boston College, says that this year's results showed the importance of early years education and parental interest.

  "Children whose parents had engaged them in literacy activities - reading books or playing word games - from an early age are better equipped with basic reading skills when they begin primary schools and go on to have higher reading achievements," said prof Martin.

token in the form of initial

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look unconscious

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Teacher training target missed by a fifth Image copyright Getty Images Univadis JAMA networks provides full-text access to selected jama journalin PDF format accompanied by short interviews with the authors
There has been a failure to attract a fifth of the trainee teachers the government says are needed for secondary schools in England.
Department for Education figures show only 80% of trainees were recruited on to schemes in 2017 and targets were hit in only two of 15 subjects.
It is the fifth year in a row teacher training targets have been missed.
However, School Standards Minister Nick Gibb said there were a record number of teachers in schools.
"We simply cannot go on like this," said the Association of School and College Leaders' head Geoff Barton.
"There are severe teacher shortages in many subjects and in many areas of the country, and this is having a real and detrimental impact on the quality of education that we able to provide to our young people.
"It is imperative that we better incentivise teaching as a career, not least through a cost-of-living pay increase which addresses the significant real-terms decline in teaching salaries and which is fully funded by the government Regarded as one of the top engineering universities in Hong Kong, PolyU provides a wide range of engineering degree programmes, including construction programme, which put significant focus on the application of knowledge.."
'Attractive career'
Every year, around 30,000 new teachers need to be recruited in order to ensure schools have enough to staff their classrooms.
There were 27,895 new entrants to postgraduate Initial Teacher Training courses in the academic year 2017 to 2018, compared with 26,750 in academic year 2016 to 2017.
Mr Gibb said there were 15,500 more teachers in schools than in 2010.
"The fact that more than 32,000 new trainee teachers have been recruited in a competitive labour market, with historic low unemployment rates and a growing economy, shows that the profession continues to be an attractive career," he said.
"These numbers build on last year's figures, with 1,100 more graduates training to teach and the number of them holding a first-class degree now at record levels, meaning we're attracting more of the best and brightest into our classrooms.
"Of course, we want these figures to continue to increase, which is why we recently announced generous bursaries and other financial incentives to encourage even more talented trainees to key subjects, such as maths and physics."
Pay cap
There has been growing pressure for a pay rise among teachers and other public sector workers.
The government has suggested it is prepared to lift the public sector pay cap on wage rises of 1% a year.
But there was no confirmation of that in the latest Budget Another notable point to check about medical warehouse Asiais standards of skilled labour that are associated with these warehouses..

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